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Corrina Reff
Creative Director, Design
When observed, heard or felt, design awakes us. It must be primed for occasion and designed for breadth. Corrina conjures timelines and environments, thoughtful of a design’s effect on the unseen—the unthought of. Her designs strike with purpose, impressing significance from a line’s width to the height of the ascender. This is a product from the act of listening. A client who feels heard is a client who feels supported. It's one minimum outcome from her design. The other? Validation.
As a leader, Corrina’s love for design saturates. Her respect for the art influences those who practice beside her. It’s eloquent creative criticism and it’s creative in its consideration. A perspective and set of words that allow her peers to unfold thought and control their own process.
Corrina is inventive, practical, passionate, with good instincts. We are happy Corrina chose us.
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Zachary Cavanell
Creative Director, Writer
Finding the right words is cliché. You must "will" the right words. A Trojan horse encased in a subject, protected by a shield of wit. You must be the liberator of the astute. For to "find the right words" is a cliché. Zac sees your story, living within a story. It's an ability to point out something invisible in your only moments before. A series of words, a wave of the hand and voilà.
Zac is unable to see people without a shimmering light behind them, rays of positive possibilities shooting out from behind. As a leader, he is an ignorant idealist chasing the perfection you are and only sending you confidence.
Zac is creative in thought and wit, frank and sincere. We are happy Zac chose us.
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Allie Parker
Questions must be asked. If you don’t question the client, their background, their intention, then your design will live without heart, without meaning. Allies’ design perspective is rooted in envelopment, an overwhelmed need to consider all angles, all potentials—the rationale. Design is not needed for something without reason to be. She is the voice of pure honesty.
A passionate designer, she holds her curiosity longer than most, a gardener who patiently awaits the sun to open the bloom. As a sincere team player, Allie is quick to help. So very approachable, no one hesitates to reach out. For her, the right solution, more than her ego, must be catered to.
Allie is passionate, genuine, diligent, creative in thought and action. We are happy Allie chose us.
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Katherine Cavanell
The impression of a brand is a reflex. For brand development, its description is as precious as a jewel. The challenge is finding the words to describe it. Katherine uses empathy as her device. She places herself in our client’s world and envision a customer’s point of view. She give words us words for the quiet and intangible.
Putting herself in the place of others, imagining what someone else might think or feel makes Katherine a perfectly tuned soundboard to run concepts or theories past. These are insights that inform brand messaging and, ultimately, design direction. And as these truths can be troublesome to a creative’s ear, you will tremendously appreciate Katherine’s kind and sympathetic delivery.
Katherine is impartial, compassionate, diligent and willing to give and share generously. We are happy Katherine chose us.
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Ashley Medellin
Project Manager
Like love, storms, or a life well-lived, projects are unpredictable. You plan, God laughs. A project on course calls for deft impartiality, flexibility, and composed communication. These are the intuitive attributes of Ashley. She is the calm that carries out what’s asked, unyielding to the winds that toss; a composed captain at the helm.
Reliance on this natural organizer comes quick. Ashley balances the sensitive center of tension between client, agency, and expectations. An unruly yet delicate equilibrium of needs, ability, and timeline. Her confidence and grasp of projects give her a fearless ability to state needs frankly, communicate quickly, unashamedly, and well thought out. It’s unbiased support for client, teams, and project.
Ashley is reliable, persistent, diligent and depended on. We are happy Ashley chose us.
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Sam Gable
The “Most Advanced Yet Acceptable” is a forward-thinking design principle. To design for your future and balance it with the present is a solution Sam savors—a design challenge he hopes to hear. As a close listener, Sam’s skill is to picture a project as separate parts of a whole; a perspective our team counts on. One that allows us to stretch ourselves creatively and safely.
With little instruction, Sam can flat-out run a design. He has the confidence to try what’s new and dive in with no push. If he were inclined, we’d have no problem with Sam being arrogant—he has that much talent. Yet interestingly, it’s his humility and personal ease that will inspire you.
Sam is resourceful, unassuming, consistent, guided by his creativity and intellect. We are happy Sam chose us.
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Amy Cortez
Project Manager
There are moments we need to feel a sense of belief without the proof of validity; faith that gives hope. It’s an activator for ideas. Amy’s convictions in you are enough to believe in yourself. If there are errors, she does not pressure for apologies or explanations. She cares, like you do, about providing the best outcomes and an environment that is comfortable and secure.
Amy is reliable, responsive, focused and provides what is needed, be it detailed information or education. Her actions are quick, and Amy’s comprehension is somehow quicker. Quizzed, her replies are modest and humble, yet Amy is willing to take on Herculean tasks without reluctance—an ego set aside.
Amy is sincere, steady, generous, and capable of fitting any situation. We are happy Amy chose us.
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Steph Woods
Project Manager
Fulfilling a goal requires visualization. To mentally put yourself at the end gives you a direction. And while you ponder the first stride, Steph has walked it backward. If this is the goal, what action happens before this? And before that? She’s figured out the steps that transform your notion into a completed vision. Steph is where you want her to be—ahead of you, anticipating your needs.
Steph is the electric charge, a galvanized motivator to complete a full revolution. Yet, completion for completion’s sake is not her focus. Steph is motivated by what’s next, discovery, an opportunity for spontaneity. Yes, preparation is the key to success, and for Steph, it’s also the secret to spontaneity.
Steph is direct, diligent, persistent, and most of all, reliable. We are happy Steph chose us.
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